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Teeth Whitening in Farmington NM

 teeth whitening in farmington nm

As the years go by, our teeth naturally lose their luster. Dark colored foods and drinks speed up the process, but even people who avoid coffee, wine and cola are not immune to yellow or gray teeth. Want to brighten up your smile? Have you considered tooth whitening? Teeth whitening in Farmington NM is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to look younger and more attractive.

Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?

Though some Sundance Dental & Orthodontics teeth whitening patients experience a little short-term sensitivity, most experience no pain at all.

There are several different methods for whitening teeth, however, each uses a solution containing peroxide to remove the stains that have accumulated in the microscopic cracks in your tooth enamel.

DIY Teeth Whitening in Farmington NM

First of all, the strips, mouthwashes and paint-on whiteners use a lower concentration of whitening agent than in-office methods. They rarely remove all of the stains on your enamel. If you have gum disease, cavities, crowns, dental bonding, or porcelain veneers, our practice recommends first visiting your dentist for a teeth whitening consultation. You are always better off having teeth whitening performed by a professional. This will protect your existing restorations and ensure the best possible results.

Never assume that a tooth whitening offered at the Farmington mall kiosks is risk-free. The industry is largely unregulated and the staff often have little dental training. Do you really want to take chances with your smile?

At Sundance Dental & Orthodontics, we are currently accepting new patients at our Farmington office. Our friendly team of skilled dental professionals would love to find the perfect solution for your smile. Our practice can offer you dental implants, sedation dentistry, family dentistry, or cosmetic dentistry. For your next teeth whitening in Farmington NM, you can schedule an appointment with us by calling our office or leaving us a message on our website.

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Best Practices For A Perfect Smile in Farmington NM

perfect smile in farmington nm

Even if you value a healthy smile, it’s easy to become somewhat lax about smile-friendly lifestyle choices. In today’s post, our goal is for you to assess where you stand and examine whether you could step it up a notch.  Instead of looking at the good, the bad and the ugly, we’ve decided to put together a list of best practices in order from Good, Better, and Best practices. Committing to oral health best practices can prevent future problems and benefit your quality of life, giving you the perfect smile in Farmington NM.

Brushing Options

Good: Brush teeth once a day.
Better: Brush teeth correctly after each meal.
Best: Brush after each meal and floss correctly before bed.

Dental Checkup Options

Good: See your dentist if you get a toothache.
Better: See dentist once a year even if you don’t notice any dental problems.
Best: Have a thorough dental exam and professional dental cleaning at Sundance Dental & Orthodontics twice a year.

Teeth Whitening Options

Good: Use a whitening toothpaste.
Better: Use an OTC tooth whitening system at home.
Best: Schedule an in-office whitening treatment at Sundance Dental & Orthodontics for a perfect smile in Farmington NM.

Missing Tooth Options

Good: Get a temporary denture to hide the missing tooth.
Better: Get a quality dental bridge.
Best: Restore your smile with a beautiful, secure, and natural-functioning dental implant by consulting with Sundance Dental & Orthodontics to find out if you are a good candidate for an implant.

Nutritional Options

Good: Eat a healthy and wholesome diet.
Better: Eat a healthy diet and limit sugary snacks and beverages.
Best: Eat a wholesome diet, limit between-meal snacking, eat lots of calcium-rich foods, minimize sugary foods, abstain from energy drinks and soda, and sip water throughout the day to keep acid at bay.

For Young Smiles

Good: Never put your infant to bed with a bottle. When your toddler starts drinking from sippy-cup, don’t let them sip juice or milk all day.
Better: Follow the previous guidance and schedule his/her first dental checkup before the first birthday.
Best: In addition, talk to a dentist about dental sealants when your child is young. When your little athlete starts participating in sports, make sure he/she wears a protective mouth guard. Set a good example of daily dental hygiene and healthy lifestyle choices.

At Sundance Dental & Orthodontics, we are dedicated to the best in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Our staff invites you to call and schedule an appointment as soon as possible for a perfect smile in Farmington NM. We look forward to meeting you.

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Oral Cancer Facts: Screenings in Farmington NM

Girl wants to prevent mouth cancer with an oral cancer screening in Farmington, near Bloomfield NM.At Sundance Dental & Orthodontics in Farmington NM, we want to see our patients twice a year. We look closely at the health of teeth and gums, but we do more than that: we also screen for any sign of oral cancer.

You don’t need to be told that cancer is a serious business. Some fifty thousand Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer every year, and of those, about a fifth of them will die. They occur twice as often in men as in women. If there’s any good news, it’s that the death rate for oral cancer has been declining over the last thirty years.

If you’re tempted to skip your dental checkups because you don’t believe you have any cavities, think twice.

Here are some important facts about oral cancer:

  1. About 80% of people with oral cancer use some variety of tobacco (cigarettes, chewing tobacco, pipes).
  2. 40% of individuals who receive late-stage diagnosis of oral cancer die within five years. The survival rate for early stage diagnosis is 90%.
  3. In many cases, it is almost impossible for the individual to detect oral and oropharyngeal cancers because they can produce inconspicuous symptoms or no symptoms at all. Any abnormality in the mouth or throat, even if small and painless, should be examined by a dentist or doctor.
  4. HPV (the most common sexually transmitted disease in the US) is the most common cause of oropharyngeal cancer. Of the numerous strains of HPV, HPV16 is the one most often linked to oropharyngeal cancer.
  5. Black males have a higher risk of dying from oral cancer than whites.

Early detection is the key to beating oral cancer, and a screening from Sundance Dental & Orthodontics in Farmington NM will give you the peace of mind you deserve. We also provide family and restorative dentistry. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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Cosmetic Dentistry in Farmington NM: An Investment In Yourself

You may not sport a diamond on your finger or zip around town in a shiny Ferrari, but you can flash a celebrity-caliber smile (and in the long run, it’s a much better investment). Cosmetic dentistry from Sundance Dental & Orthodontics in Farmington NM is an investment in you, and it pays off every single day.

Cosmetic dentistry is that branch of dentistry aimed at making a positive change in the appearance of your smile. It includes teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental implants, and other procedures.

Our smile makeovers can have dramatic results on your appearance. Even one procedure can give you a boost. Two or more can be awesome. Visit our smile gallery for some before-and-after pictures of our patients, to get an idea of what we can do.

In addition to cosmetic dentistry, Sundance Dental & Orthodontics in Farmington NM provides family and restorative dentistry. We are a holistic practice concerned with the total well-being of our patients.

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Childhood Cavities? Beautiful Smiles in Farmington NM

child friendly dentist Farmington

Farmington NM parents who want their children to have beautiful smiles and healthy habits know that they need to set the right example. The “Do as I say, not as I do,” approach doesn’t usually work.

If we want our child to exercise, we should get off the couch ourselves. If we want our child to choose an apple when he wants an afternoon snack, we better not be snacking on chips and cookies.

And what about healthy oral habits? Do our children see us brush carefully after meals? Do our children see water bottles in our car cup holders, or empty sports drink cans? Do we schedule twice-yearly dental visits for ourselves and our kids?

Tooth decay is the second most common childhood health problem in the United States, after the common cold. If you have a newborn or toddler, you have an extraordinary opportunity to establish daily habits for lifelong oral health.

If every pre-teen you know has at least a few fillings, it may seem that cavities are inevitable. We don’t believe this. There’s a lot you can do to keep their teeth cavity-free.

Even before your baby’s first teeth come in, there are things you can do. Remember not to put your baby to bed with a bottle. Wipe milk or formula off their gums with a soft, damp cloth after feeding. Don’t let your infant drink juice all day. If you want your baby or toddler to drink between meals, water is best.

The American Dental Association recommends that a child sees a dentist before their first tooth appears or no later than their first birthday. If your children are older and have had cavities, don’t give up. It’s never too late to improve daily habits to keep teeth healthy.

At Sundance Dental & Orthodontics in Farmington NM, we love working with children and helping them develop beautiful smiles. Our cheerful dental team will make your child feel comfortable and relaxed. In addition to children’s dentistry, we provide family and cosmetic dentistry.

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Tooth-Healthy Diet? Holistic Dentistry in Farmington NM

Healthy Teeth and Your Farmington Diet Maintaining healthy teeth and body is important to the team at Sundance Dental & Orthodontics in Farmington NM. As a holistic dentistry practice, our concern is not just dental, but the physical and emotional health of our patients.

Everyone knows that maintaining healthy teeth requires daily brushing and flossing, and seeing us twice a year for checkups and cleanings. As holistic dentists we encourage our patients to see their other health practitioners regularly, including physicians, chiropractors, and spiritual advisors.

It’s easy to forget that maintaining a healthy diet can also be beneficial to your teeth. A diet that includes foods that help your muscles and bones will also help you develop healthy gums and healthy teeth. Examples of foods to include in your diet include those rich in vitamin B, such as breads and cereals. Foods rich in vitamin C, usually fruits and vegetables, help improve the health of your gums. Zinc and magnesium are also good for the health of your teeth and are found in foods like lean beef, fish, and poultry.

Just as certain diet choices can be beneficial to the health of your teeth, others can be harmful. Foods and drinks that are high in sugars – especially soda and energy drinks – are more likely to form the acids that attack your teeth and result in decay.

As holistic dentists, we always choose the safest way to achieve good results in our patients. We are a mercury-free practice that provides family and cosmetic dentistry.

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Floss Picks or Regular Floss? Teeth Cleaning in Farmington NM

are floss picks as good as regular floss? Kirtland

Floss picks vs regular floss? At Sundance Dental & Orthodontics in Farmington NM, our answer is that while it’s better to use a floss pick than to not floss at all, floss picks can only clean a part of the tooth’s surface. For better teeth cleaning, we recommend traditional floss or dental tape. Here’s why:

A floss pick only holds a small piece of floss stretched in a straight line. But a tooth is rounded, with occasional irregularities. A straight section of floss can’t conform to the contours of the tooth as well as traditional floss.

By wrapping traditional floss completely around the circumference of a tooth, you can more effectively clean that important area around and just below the gumline. And your fingers are much more nimble than a piece of plastic.

We have seen patients who are vigilant floss pick users who developed decay due to a a small crack the floss pick missed day after day.

Here is a review on appropriate flossing:

  • Cut a section of floss about 18 inches long and securely wind each end around your middle fingers.
  • Take hold of the floss with your forefinger and thumb leaving about two inches to work with.
  • Thread the floss between two teeth.
  • Hold the floss firmly against the side of the tooth and move it up and away from the gumline. You want to clean the space between the tooth and gum without pulling more gum tissue away, so it’s important to scrape up and out of the pocket.
  • Move the floss around the tooth to clean every surface – especially those that your brush can’t reach. You can use a “shoeshine” method if you like. As you use a section of floss, unwind from one hand to access a clean piece. With 18 inches, you should have enough to provide a clean section for each tooth. If you run out, that’s okay. Just toss the used piece and cut a new length.
  • Some people find it easier to begin on one end of the upper teeth and clean each gap one by one until they reach the end on the opposite side, and then repeat for the lower arch. Whatever method you settle upon, make sure you clean around every tooth, including the back surfaces of the rear molars.

If you don’t floss much, or at all, your gums might bleed at first. Keep flossing gently and it should stop within a week or two.

Even so, your flossing and brushing should be supplemented with professional teeth cleaning every six months at Sundance Dental & Orthodontics. We have offices in Farmington NM and throughout New Mexico and southern Colorado. Services include family and cosmetic dentistry.

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Want A Vivid Smile? Try Porcelain Veneers in Farmington NM

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry in Farmington Have you ever wished you could attach perfectly shaped, dazzling white front surfaces to your teeth? You can! With porcelain veneers from Sundance Dental & Orthodontics, you can eliminate smile imperfections in just one visit to our Farmington NM office.

Porcelain veneers are one of the most versatile items in a cosmetic dentist’s toolbox. They turn ordinary smiles into extraordinary smiles with little disruption to existing tooth structure. They are quicker, and usually less expensive, than complete crowns. Yet they are made from the same durable, translucent porcelain.

It’s no that wonder that a lot of people in the public eye have opted for porcelain veneers. An actress can receive a perfect smile in the morning and appear on camera that evening. A supermodel can quickly and permanently remedy a discolored tooth, and go from the dental office straight to a photo shoot.

At Sundance Dental & Orthodontics, we’ve handled hundreds of porcelain veneer placements, alone or with other procedures, like teeth whitening. Visit our smile gallery for some breathtaking examples of what cosmetic dentistry can do.

If you’re considering porcelain veneers to achieve your sensational smile, please give our Farmington NM office a call and make an appointment.

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Not Happy With Your Farmington NM Dentist?

Farmington Cosmetic Dentisty Welcome to the blog of Sundance Dental & Orthodontics in Farmington. We use this forum to provide informative articles about dentistry, including treatments, preventative dental care, and news about this dental practice. Many of our patients visit regularly and we hope you will find useful information here in Farmington NM and surrounding communities.

Do you have a dentist? If not, or if you aren’t happy with your current one, think about visiting our to Farmington office to meet with our friendly staff and discuss your dental needs.

At Sundance Dental & Orthodontics, our approach to emphasizes you, the patient. Our first priority is exceeding your expectations. Before providing any treatment, however, we must become familiar with each patient. That is why your first consultation will take some time. We can’t get to know each other in five minutes.

We’ll ask how you’re doing, and the current condition of your teeth and gums. What are your fears and expectations about dental treatment? We recognize that each of our patients has a unique set of circumstances.

At Sundance Dental & Orthodontics, we emphasize preventative dental care. When restorative dental treatment is necessary, we recommend the most conservative procedures. If you have pressing dental needs, let’s talk about your options and consider the long term consequences of each treatment. If we believe it is best to refer you to another specialist, we’ll do so without hesitation. We are committed to your well-being and want you to receive the best possible care.

If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry, we can also help you. We can completely redesign your smile if that is what you desire. Miracles are possible with cosmetic dentistry. We also provide orthodontics, and family dentistry.

Please call us to book a consultation. We are confident you will feel good about choosing Sundance Dental & Orthodontics for your dental care.

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Tooth Replacement: Modern Dentures in Farmington NM

Kirtland tooth implant supported dentures

Not everything was better back in the good old days. Take dentures, for instance. They’ve been around for generations, and have improved the lives of countless Farmington NM people – but they had a lot of shortcomings.

Traditional dentures can impede many important oral functions: chewing, tasting, swallowing, talking, and smiling. Some people have stopped attending social activities or eating their favorite foods, because of loose, ill-fitting dentures.

Well, there is good news for Farmington residents with missing teeth: dentures have evolved!

Implant-anchored or implant-supported dentures are far superior to old-style dentures. The difference is night and day.

Implant anchored dentures come in two types: removable and permanent. No adhesive is needed for either system. With the permanent dentures, screw retentions are anchored in the jaw to serve as attachment points. They’re very stable, and are usually less costly than replacing each missing tooth with an implant.

Removable implant anchored dentures have a locator attachment that allows the wearer to snap the appliance in place. Some patients prefer this type because they can remove them at night for cleaning.

For more details about modern dentures and dental implants, call Sundance Dental & Orthodontics to schedule a consultation. We have been providing quality care and personal attention since 2004.

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