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Implant Dentures: Fixed Or Removable?

For anyone who has lost all of their teeth, implant-supported dentures from Sundance Dental & Orthodontics in Farmington NM may sound like a dream come true: dentures that are attached to the jaw, and surpass traditional dentures in appearance and

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Sundance Dental & Orthodontics Takes Care Of Plaque, Calculus, And Cavities

Along with daily brushing and flossing, six-month cleanings and checkups at Sundance Dental & Orthodontics are the best way to ensure you have good dental health. That means clean teeth with no cavities, and pink healthy gums. Most dental appointments

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For A Healthier Smile, Stop Doing This

The team at Sundance Dental & Orthodontics would like to discuss how to have a healthy smile. Here is a list of what NOT to do. Chewing sugared gum all day. Cavities, a sore jaw, or issues with your bridgework may

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Ouch! Are Your Teeth Sensitive?

For those of you in the Farmington area who feel pain when you sip your morning coffee or who cringe each time you brush or floss, Sundance Dental & Orthodontics is here for you. The first line of defense against

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How Long Should You Brush?

This message from Sundance Dental & Orthodontics in Farmington is about brushing your teeth- something we all do (or should do) twice a day. What The Experts Say Dental experts and researchers believe you should brush your teeth a minimum of

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Know The Facts About Oral Piercings

Body piercings are a common form of self-expression seen around Farmington. At Sundance Dental & Orthodontics, we encourage our patients to enhance their smiles in the healthiest way. Today’s post is for those who currently have an oral piercing or are considering

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Gritting Your Teeth: Stress And Your Smile

At Sundance Dental & Orthodontics in Farmington, we like to educate our patients about oral health. Did you know that stress can also impact your oral health?  Here are some dental problems linked to stress. Canker and Cold Sores Cold sores

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7 Steps For A Healthy Smile

Sundance Dental & Orthodontics in Farmington NM believes in healthy smiles. The best way to have a healthy smile is by prevention – both in healthy habits as well as visiting us twice a year. As Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce

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Attack Of The Gummy Bear

Sundance Dental & Orthodontics in Farmington NM cares about their patients and their beautiful smiles. We offer a key warning about a lesser-known danger of sticky candy.   Most people know that sugar is not your teeth’s friend. Eating sticky

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3 Tips To Make Brushing Count

Most people brush their teeth (at least we hope so). However, there are many who brush inadequately but don’t realize that their dental hygiene practices may be contributing to oral problems. At Sundance Dental & Orthodontics in Farmington NM we

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